Ron Pusey - age 55

I was just over 15 stone when I asked Alan if he could train me to run my first marathon. I had suffered a bad case of pneumonia a year earlier that had decreased my lung capacity that left me winded on even a stiff walk, so Alan had his work cut out. Oh yes, and I had booked a marathon only 3 months away. When asked what was my target time I thought 5 hours!! Everyone else thought nearer 5 days. I made a commitment to Alan and followed to the letter his training and advise. He not only supplied the training but gave me the emotional support of someone else who believed I could do this. Three months later I was down to 14 stone, eating pasta, no beer and in bed early. On the day I was given advice by Alan of what to do and what not to do. 4 hrs 46 minutes later (with a sprint to the line) I had achieved my first marathon. All I can say is if a substandard, overweight, 55 year old specimen like me can be turned into a marathon runner by Alan what could he do for you. I cannot recommend Alan enough, he is amazing.


Diana Devenish - age 52

I have been training with Alan for more than two years. Prior to working with Alan I was a regular exerciser with a good level of fitness but I was stuck in the rut of doing the same routines week in week out. Alan took care to understand what I wanted to get from our sessions, devised an appropriate evolving varied programme taking full account of any injuries, etc, and worked with me to take my fitness to the next level.

About 18 months ago he introduced me to kettlebell training, we have steadily worked over this time to further improve my cardiac fitness, core stability and strength. The training has been very effective, the routines have developed and evolved during this time avoiding boredom and continually improving my fitness. The exercise is both enjoyable and rewarding!  Alan is a great coach who inspires you by personal example to do your best and go the extra mile!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both Alan and the training method.


Steven Carlisle - age 24

I started personal training sessions with Alan because I'd joined the Territorial Army but needed some help in getting fit. I noticed that I was getting very good results from the programme that Alan had put together for me after just 8 weeks. Alan also gave me valuable advice about my diet as well as some simple exercises for me to do at home. I also got a lot of encouragement to push myself harder in my training sessions than I would have done on my own. I have seen some very good results in my fitness in a very short period of time. Six weeks ago I did a Territorial Army 1.5 mile running test in 11.07 minutes, this weekend I did the same run in 10.20 minutes.


Katharine Streatfield - age 25


I Started kettlebell training with Alan because I'm an athlete and have suffered injuries in the past.  I was looking to improve my conditioning and strength, but also wanted to work my cardiovascular systlem.  I have done free weights and medicine ball training in the past but wanted to try something new. 


The key thing for me about the sessions with Alan is that I really enjoy them and so I don't realise how hard I've worked until afterwards.  After years of training on my own it is useful and motivating to have someone point out improvements and I definitely get more from the sessions with Alan as a result.  I have noticed improvements in my core strength and to my posture, and look forward to seeing further benefits as I practise more.


Steve Nutt - age 36

Alan Middlebrook has been my personal trainer for the last year, during that time my fitness has improved greatly and I have learnt new training techniques which have helped me in my goal to improve my general fitness and health. Additionally Alan has provided me valuable information on nutrition and diet, he has made my trips to the gym something I look forward to, I only wish there were more days in the week so I could train more.


Justin Grayston - age 32

Sessions with Alan really do make a difference. Over the last year I have had the pleasure of regularly being put through my paces by Alan. He always manages to get a little more out of you than you'd thought possible. I've seen my running speed and stamina increase dramatically as well as my overall strength and fitness. Alan always has lots of tips and useful bits of knowledge that help you when doing sessions on your own too.


Gareth Pritchard - age 18 (golf handicap - 4)

After 5-6 weeks starting the kettlebell training I found my golf game to significantly improve. I found I had greater balance, strength and timing of my golf swing. These were brought about through the use of the kettlebell and the way it was applied by Alan.

I also noticed significant aerobic gains from the training from the 3rd week onwards. It became easier to do other activities, and was especially noticeable when playing football. I'm looking forward to seeing how a continued training programme will improve both my golf game and aerobic fitness.